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Some of Larry’s most popular Programs Include:

Meditation Works: Learn to make it work for you!

In this workshop Larry teaches participants his universal Meditation Plus™ technique, which combines mindfulness with mantras – plus more – for the safest, easiest, and most effective meditation. In this workshop, participants will learn how meditation works to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, how it can enhance cognition, memory, and creativity; improve sleep; boost immunity; and increase self-discipline and happiness. Then they will learn Larry’s secrets to successful meditation, and will experience the profound effects of a meditation he will be leading them through.

Introduction to Meditation and Yoga

Larry will teach participants why yoga and meditation are different from other physical and mental exercises. They will learn his unique 3-minute yoga routine that raises energy and increases flexibility, as well as his secret to good posture, and more. They may also be inspired to see the effect that 40 years of yoga and meditation have had on Larry’s life.

Advanced Meditation and Yoga

Larry is one of the most experienced yoga teachers in the United States. He brings his 40-year teaching experience to participants, showing them the nuances of how to avoid injury and avoid injuring others as a teacher.

Reduce the Stress Workshop or Presentation

This delightful and useful workshop or presentation shows participants how to relax, using meditation, simple and easy yoga stretches, Smile Asana and suggestions that can reduce both mental and physical stress. This workshop is especially beneficial to students and people working long hours sitting at a computer.

Little Things that Make a BIG Difference!

This workshop or keynote is based on Larry’s bestselling book, Small Change: It’s the Little Things in Life that Make a BIG Difference! Using numerous examples of small changes that improve health, work, relationships, and happiness, Larry will demonstrate the power of small change. He will also inspire his audience to make good choices that can produce a great future.

The Secret to Success is a Three-letter Word

Hardly anyone ever guesses the three-letter word, but by the end of the program, every participant will be able to acknowledge its incredible power. Participants keep guessing as Larry discusses the power of numerous three-letter words, from can, try, you, yes, and even God, but he eliminates them one by one until he has surprised the audience. Hey, can you guess the secret word?

The Magnitude of the Opportunity to Change Your Life

This presentation includes a unique demonstration that audiences will never forget! It is designed to impress upon participants – physically, mentally, and emotionally – how great their opportunities in life really are. It truly demonstrates how small change adds up.

Larry Has Presented at

Cleveland Institute of Art

Hudson Library and Historical Society

The Chautauqua Institute

Spiritual Life Society

Bowling Green University

The Yoga Place

Ursuline College

Puma Yoga Center

Cuyahoga Community College

Garland Floor Company

Western Reserve Academy

Rotary International

NSA Ohio

Life Source Yoga

Hudson Preschool Parents Association

Owens Community College

University of Cincinnati

Larry is available for presentations, meditation workshops or speeches.

Larry uses humor, insight, wisdom and 40 years of experience as both a business executive and teacher to entertain, instruct, motivate and transform his audience. He is the author of the bestselling book, Small Change: It’s the Little Things in Life that Make a BIG Difference! (Tarcher/Penguin), which was a finalist for a Books for a Better Life Award and the book, How to Meditate (Carrot Seed Publishing), which explains one of the most effective meditation techniques.

Larry is president of the international business, Global Health Care, Inc., and is director of a holistic center he founded in 1978, in Hudson, Ohio. He earned a B.S. in Engineering and an M.B.A. from Cornell University and an M.A. in Philosophy and Comparative Religion from Kent State University. Married since 1970, he and his wife Susan, a writer, have three grown children and four grandchildren.

Larry’s books include

It’s the Little things in Life
That Make a BIG Difference!

Penguin Group, Inc.
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This book introduces instructions for Larrys 3-minute yoga routine, deep breathing, eye exercises and numerous suggestions for successful living. Small Change was a finalist for a Books for a Better Life Award, and featured in USA Today.

How to reach the summit of life success…a homespun paean to the benefits of slowing down.”

Deirdre Donahue
USA Today
It’s a tiny book, this Small Change* by Susan & Larry Terkel. But the asterisk in the title neatly sums up the premise: It’s the Little Things in Life that Make a Big Difference…a handy refresher course for anyone who has kept tabs on the self improvement/pop psychology trends so prevalent today.”

Judy Hevrdejis
Sunday Chicago Tribune
I was excited to read this book. If you do even half of what the Terkel’s recommend, you’ll experience dramatic changes in your life.”

Jack Canfield
Chicken Soup for the Soul
Small Change is a step-by-step, heartwarming, and indispensable guide to improving your life from an utterly irresistible husband and wife team of experts.”

Barbara De Angelis, Ph. D.
What Women Want Men to Know
…a delightful, practical, simple and uplifting book that can raise the quality of our lives.”

Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D.
Love is Letting Go of Fear
Upbeat and optimistic. . .This heartening little book is easy to read and its advice easy to implement”

Publishers Weekly
…an eclectic and wide-ranging assortment of self-improvement ideas.”

Fran Henry
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Here’s the book that talks to us where we actually are in our lives, inspiring without condescending, advising without preching…the voice of a wise friend.”

Joshua Halberstam,Ph.D.
Everyday Ethics

How to Meditate
Secrets to the Easiest
and Most Effective Meditation Technique

Carrot Seed Publishing
click here to purchase How to Meditate

Larry explains meditationPlus™, his universal system of meditation. It is a combination of mindfulness and mantra — plus more — to help you find a perfect meditation practice, one that is either purely practical or has a spiritual or religious dimension.

Larry’s book is a highlight…I am happy to report that I love meditation now.”

Larry and his teachings are so easy to relate to. He is one of us, with a family and typical Western responsibilities. Yet he has found time to develop an incredible practice that clearly has enhanced the life he lives.”
I love how honest and forthcoming Larry is in his teachings.”
The book is really well-written and takes a different approach to meditation.”

To Invite Larry to present at your school, business, organization or association, contact him at:

phone: 330.656.0100

What others are saying about Larry:

We here at The Hudson Library and Historical Society, in Hudson, Ohio, recently had the pleasure of hosting Larry Terkel for a meditation discussion and workshop, on July 19, 2011.

The response to Larry’s program was phenomenal. All 48 people in attendance were enraptured by Larry’s soothing voice, practical and clear directions on the subject. Everyone remained in their seats until the conclusion of the presentation and meditation session, then swamped him with their enthusiastic comments and the desire to speak with him directly. He truly connected with his autidence.

“Very complete [presentation] for such a complicated subject!” was one of the comments written on the evaluation form the library had issued at the end of the program. Another audience member called it a “clear, straightforward presentation,” and another enjoyed “His knowledge, enthusiasm and friendliness.”

I would not hesitate to have Larry present another workshop here on meditation or any other topic he considers a specialty.

Ellen M. Smith,
Head of Reference and Archives
Hudson Library and Historical Society

"Wow! You held them throughout the entire delivery."

Dr. Henry Flanagan,
Western Reserve Academy Baccalaureate address

Everyone though you were entertaining, inspiring, thought-provoking and practical. Your personal stories were fascinating.

Jon Wise,
president, Garland Floor Company

Larry is a superb teacher and a truly enlightened person.

He is awesome!

Larry touches each of his students in a caring and loving way.

Very inspiring, life changing.

It was wonderful, exhilarating.

His love and feelings come through. I leave feeling very peaceful, inspired, and amazed.

It was great. Larry did a great job.

He has a very warm and gentle way. That warmth and gentleness go a long way.

It was wonderful. I enjoyed Larry very much.

Unbelievable! This guy is so great!

Fabulous class and instructor. Looking forward to taking a course from Larry next year!!!

A wonderful combination of philosophy, spirituality and exercise.

Larry was wonderful.

This is the best class I have ever attended. . . anywhere!

Excellent, inspirational class. I loved it!

I have taken many other yoga classes and Larry was exceptional.

Larry is an excellent instructor, spiritual guide, and a loving person.

I’ve had at least ten to twelve yoga teachers. Larry ranks with the best.

Larry is a wonderful instructor, who truly teaches life-long lessons.

…spiritually uplifting and engaging.