How to Meditate

A Meditation Snooze Button, Wake up Easier


How to Wake Up
Falling asleep is not always easy but waking up can also be a challenge. In this video I’ll teach you how to use yoga and meditation to wake up in the morning. My secret is to create a transition from your sleep, to being awake. This will maximize the benefits of your sleep, and get you going into the rest of your day. In a yoga pose I call “Snooze Alarm Asana,” I’ll show you how to use yoga for an exceedingly effective wake up. In another traditional yoga pose called, “Baddha Konasana,” or “Bound Angle Pose,” I’ll show you how to use the pose to avoid falling back asleep, while opening the hips and stretching the spine for your day ahead.

Meditation – Waking Up In the Morning

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