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Easy Meditation Tip, How to Fall Asleep


How to Fall Asleep
One of the most common sleep issues is Stage 1 of the sleep cycle: Drowsiness and falling asleep. Indeed, for many people, especially those suffering from stress, those who lie in bed worrying, perhaps about an exam or getting up to go on a trip or worrying about an illness, an injury, or something that was on the news, falling asleep can be a huge challenge. It can also be a challenge for many who are awakened at night, from a snoring mate, a crying child, a nocturnal visit to the bathroom, or a disturbing dream, anything that makes falling back asleep difficult.

In this presentation I’ll show you how to use specific techniques derived from yoga positions, yoga breathing and meditation to both fall asleep and return to sleep. After all, if you can’t get to Stage 1 of falling asleep, the rest of sleep is going to elude you. In addition, taking too long to finish Stage 1 deprives you of the value of the rest of the sleep stages, especially those that restore your body and restore your mind.

Meditation – How to Fall Asleep

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