I love how honest and forthcoming Larry is in his teachings. He shares what has worked for him and what hasn’t. It is so refreshing to receive such teachings from first-hand experience.
John Doe
Larry Terkel has demystified meditation for even a novice such as myself. My fears have fallen away, and approaching meditation, I’ve begun to find a clearer-thinking, more centered self. This book simply taught me all I need to put my breath to purpose.
Jane Doe
Landscape Architect
I love the way Larry so easily and conversationally explains everything, every step in a way that is simple to understand and use. I have already incorporated some of his suggestions into my day and plan to use his method as my guide.
Jimmy Doe
Lawyer and Child Advocate
  • Meditation Plus (m+) is Easy

    Through his book, Larry explains everything from the process of choosing a mantra to how to deal with distractions while meditating. Larry shares with you the secrets he has picked up along the way, how to incorporate your tongue and your eyes, and he draws upon your experience with swings and duets. You will actually "feel" like you are meditating, and therefore, when you meditate, you will know you are getting all of the extraordinary benefits meditation has to offer.

  • Meditation Plus (m+) is Effective

    Meditation Plus (m+) is effective because the mantra will give your meditation direction. A mantra is the power that you will be cultivating in order to make your life more effective. You will be tuning your mind and body to a note of your choice, a note that will enable you to play the music of your life with more harmony, more power and more effectiveness. Meditation Plus (m+) will improve sleep, reduce stress, relieve depression and boost your immune system.

What You Can Expect

Larry will guide you step-by-step, every step of the way.

  • Customize meditation based on, your life, and get all the benefits, you need.
  • Learn how to sit, where to sit and when to sit.
  • Understand the power behind mantras and how to receive the one you need.
  • Learn how meditation enhances sleep, decreases stress and helps cope with life's problems.

Plus, You'll Get

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Larry's Guided Meditation Mp3

Larry's 20 minute Guided Meditation leads you step-by-step through a complete meditation session. You'll have your choice to meditate in silence with only Larry's voice guiding you, or to meditate with soothing background music. This simple tool will help you receive the benefits you deserve.


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How to Meditate

Secrets to the Easiest and Most Effective Meditation Technique



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About the Author

Larry Terkel received a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and an M.B.A., both from Cornell University. He also earned an M.A. in Philosophy and Comparative Religion from Kent State University. This dual pursuit of business and spirituality has continued with Mr. Terkel throughout his professional career.

On the spiritual side, Mr. Terkel was born Methodist, adopted by a Jewish family, is part Cherokee Indian, and spent extensive time studying Hinduism, Buddhism and yoga in India and throughout the world. In 1978, he acquired the Old Church on the Green in Hudson, Ohio, where he founded the Spiritual Life Society, one of northern Ohio’s unique spiritual centers. Mr. Terkel serves as the Society’s Minister and Director, where he continues to teach yoga, meditation and philosophy on a regular basis.

Having practiced and taught yoga and meditation for over 45 years, Larry is one of America's most experienced teachers.

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