How to Meditate

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Forty percent of Americans use complimentary and alternative treatments and most of them are learning to meditate. Dan Harris from ABC World News talks about how Meditation is being used by the U.S. Marines, corporate executives, students in the classroom and is now being recommended by doctors to their patients for a variety of reasons. A recent study showed students who took an eight week course on how to meditate actually showed physical changes within their brain. Meditation is proving to increase the parts of the brain that control self-awareness and compassion and the part that controls stress actually shrunk.

ABC World News – Meditation
by: ABC World News   //   length: 2.48


This is a great animation about how to meditate in a moment. It’s a good video to watch if you feel ultra busy and you don’t feel like you have time to meditate and calm your mind. Created by one moment meditation.

One-Moment Meditation: “How to Meditate in a Moment”
by: one moment meditation   //   length: 5.35


This video shows how University Hospitals is incorporating meditation into patient treatment plans. They are finding that traditional medical techniques get enhanced when combined with alternative approaches such as learning to meditate. A patient being treated through the UH Connor Integrative Medicine Network speaks about her experiences.

by: University Hospitals/   //   length: 2.25


This video created by explains some of the history of meditation and how early humans learned to quiet their minds and by doing so, learned to receive great insight. They figured out that meditating was one of the most efficient ways to relax the mind. Over time, the ways and powers of meditation had gotten lost and it stopped spreading through the word of mouth. If we fast forward to modern times, we find that people began getting back in touch with quieting their mind and started visiting the “masters” in India to uncover the secrets of meditation. Today the word has spread again and people all over are learning to meditate. Science is teaching us that the early meditators were correct and that the benefits of meditation are extraordinary.

Meditation – Then and Now (What is Meditation?)
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