How to Meditate

Insights into Life Through Yoga and Meditation

Larry explains how a human brain works and describes what the different parts of a brain do. Learning how to meditate helps calm your brain which has been linked to numerous health benefits.

Meditation and Your Brain (part 1)
by: Larry Terkel   //   length: 6.47

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In this video, Larry dispels the myth that you need to calm your mind in order to meditate. He explains how a quiet mind is not the prerequisite for meditation, it is one of the many extraordinary benefits of practicing a good meditation technique.

How to Meditate / Calming Your Mind
by: Larry Terkel   //   length: 4.37


What is your inner smile? Where is it and how can I find it? Larry helps you find your inner smile and explains the benefits of doing so. It can help you meditate, strengthen your mantra, clear your mind, bring a touch of humor and also provide confidence along with so much more. Whether you are beginning your morning meditation or you just need an extra bit of something positive, you can always call upon your inner smile. Bring it with you throughout your day and call upon it at any moment.

Your Inner Smile
by: Larry Terkel   //   length: 6.31


In this video I explain the differences between the two major styles of mediation, mantra and mindfulness as well as how to meditate using meditationPlus. Mantra, or focussed meditation has Hindu roots and is popular in Transcendental Meditation (TM). Mindfulness meditation, or Vipassana has roots in Buddhism. MeditationPlus is the combination of both types of meditation plus more.

Meditation Technique Breakdown
by: Larry Terkel   //   length: 9.07

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In this video, Larry offers secrets for sitting comfortably while meditating. He explains how to maintain proper posture while sitting on the floor or in lotus. He also gives permission to meditate sitting in a chair, in bed or lying down if you that is what you need. The goal is to meditate, and more so, to continue meditating, and in order to do this, we must be comfortable. Sitting in lotus is wonderful, however, you will also experience the extraordinary benefits of meditation by sitting almost anywhere.

How to Meditate / Sitting
by: Larry Terkel   //   length: 6.22

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