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Larry Terkel received a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and an M.B.A., both from Cornell University. He also earned an M.A. in Philosophy and Comparative Religion from Kent State University. This dual pursuit of business and spirituality has continued with Mr. Terkel throughout his professional career.

On the spiritual side, Mr. Terkel was born Methodist, adopted by a Jewish family, is part Cherokee Indian, and spent extensive time studying Hinduism, Buddhism and yoga in India and throughout the world. In 1978, he acquired the Old Church on the Green in Hudson, Ohio, where he founded the Spiritual Life Society, one of northern Ohio’s unique spiritual centers. The Spiritual Life Society is an interdenominational organization which promotes the wisdom found within all religious traditions. Mr. Terkel serves as the Society’s Minister and Director, where he continues to teach yoga, meditation and philosophy on a regular basis.

Larry and his wife Susan are co-authors of the book, Small Change; It’s the LITTLE Things in Life that Make a BIG Difference (Tarcher/Penguin), a finalist for the 2004 Books for a Better Life Award. It was recommended by Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup series) and Barbara de Angeles, Ph.D. (What Women Want Men to Know) and acclaimed by USA Today as “How to Reach the Summit of Life’s Success.” Small Change provides insight into Larry and Susan’s remarkable life together and presents their philosophy for self-improvement, based on bringing awareness to everyday habits. Married in 1970, they have three children and three grandchildren.

In his business career, Larry has been president of several Midwest manufacturing companies, CEO of a public company, and is currently founder and president of Global Health Care, Inc., a distributor of rapid bio-medical diagnostics in Mexico.

Larry is available for keynotes, conferences, workshops, and retreats.

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